Cool Cucumber and Avocado Salad

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Get in some of the nutritional benefits of cucumbers with this fresh and cool cucumber salad. This recipe is just one of the many salad recipes you can find on The Kitchn website where they have some of the best healthy salads you'll ever make at home. Their recipes, like this one, are very easy to follow, and they always yield great results. This is one of the many best healthy salads they feature on their website, and it would be a great salad to have as a meal or as a side dish. A recipe like this is perfect to make for a potluck or a BBQ so that there will be something healthy for people to enjoy among all of the creamy salads, chips and dips. It's also a wonderful recipe to make for your own enjoyment at home. It would be great alongside a piece of meat or as a full meal if you weren't all that hungry. It's nice to have recipes like this around in the summertime especially since you don't want to eat anything too filling. Cucumber also contains a ton of water in it which is great for staying hydrated even if it's not summertime.

Some even enjoy cucumber sandwiches with just thinly sliced cucumbers between two slices of bread and mayonnaise. They can also be great on a veggie sandwich or Vietnamese subs. The nutritional benefits of cucumbers are awesome too. You get a lot of hydration from them as mentioned before, plus they have silica in them which helps to keep our hair, nails and skin really beautiful and healthy. While cucumbers didn't make it onto either the Clean Fifteen or Dirty Dozen lists from the Environmental Working Group, they have been on the Dirty Dozen list before so it might be wise to buy them organic whenever you can. Also, always make sure you wash them thoroughly before you eat them or use them in recipes. The basic ingredients of this recipe include not only cucumbers, but some fresh garlic, avocado, balsamic vinegar, and extra-virgin olive oil for a hearty yet fresh salad recipe. The best healthy salads are usually made with some lighter type of dressing, and usually, the dressing is homemade to keep it as healthy as possible. When you buy some of the salad dressings at the store, they are filled with sugar and preservatives. So if you are going to buy store-bought salad dressings make sure you read the ingredients to make sure they are natural and minimal.

It's so much cheaper to make your own salad dressing recipes at home instead too. Plus you have control over what goes in them and how they taste. It can be really fun to experiment with different salad dressing recipes for different salads; you can even come up with some salad dressing recipe ideas of your own. You can even customize this salad by adding in extra ingredients you like. Perhaps some arugula or goat cheese would be great in this salad recipe. To get more of the nutritional benefits of cucumbers such as the vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, you can even slice up a cucumber and add it to a big pitcher of purified water. Then, put the jug of cucumber and water in your fridge overnight, and you'll have a really healthy and refreshing water to drink the next day. Cucumbers are also great to enjoy on their own with some sea salt and pepper on them or even some lime juice and chilli powder. Never underestimate the power of a simple recipe. Try out this awesome recipe and see what you think.***

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