Copy Cat Shake and Bake

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This is a copycat shake 'n bake recipe. There was a time that coatings for chicken and pork would have come out of our grandmother's kitchen's, and they would be a concoction of crumbs with spices and herbs that made that chicken taste 'Oh So Good'!

I love Shake 'n Bake, the one that comes in the box with the pretty hefty price tag. It always makes chicken and pork taste great but, it is expensive so for many families on a budget this is not the item they can put into their shopping carts without thought.

The concept of shaking and baking was to offer a tasty alternative to frying foods. Baking is a healthier method, but how was one to compete with the flavor frying just so happens to impart in food! Back in 1965, General Foods, which is now Kraft, introduced the product. It was a formula for a flavored crumb coating. There was a plastic bag in the box, and the idea was to put in the pork or chicken, shake it up, so it got coated, and then bake it. Quite brilliant really. The most simple thing often are. The ingredients in the Shake 'n Bake boxes provide a variety of flavors and coatings. Kraft has done a great job of advertising and promoting the well-loved product. Who can resist a delicate blend of herbs, spices and breadcrumbs right at your fingertips' and the promise of a fantastic family meal at your fingertips!

Our featured recipe from is Jen's creation. Jen has her own blog and recipe website, plus a family to feed. You can be sure that she is a very busy mom and entrepreneur! She suggests making your own copy cat shake 'n bake and having it 'at the ready' in your pantry. There are quite a number of great ingredients that Jen has put together for this recipe, and they sound like a great combination of flavors.

Please visit the 'Cincy Shopper' website below, and you too can make learn how to make your own!

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