Copycat Chik Fil A Nuggets

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Did you know that chicken nuggets were invented as part of a science experiment way back in the 1950s? Its true, and these Copycat Chick Fil A Nuggets were part of another experiment that mom of five and cook extraordinaire, Krysten Luna, loves to make to feed her big family more affordably. They love Chik Fil A Nugget and she wanted to be able to serve them to her family at home. This recipe is cheap, quick and easy and would serve up well with potatoes or rice or maybe even a side of your favorite Mac N Cheese dish. Try them today. Youll add them to your family standard as soon as you do.

When you cook with meat, fish or chicken it is really important to keep the meat cold. So be sure to only take as much chicken out of the fridge as you can work with quickly and then put the chicken back in to the fridge while you prepare the rest of the nuggets. It is hard to guess how many nuggets each person in your family will eat so you may have to make this dish a few times to know just how much your family will want. Our guess is that making more nuggets rather than less is a good idea since they are just that tasty. Your family is sure to gobble them up.

The chicken is cut up in to small pieces, covered in a special blend of flour and spices, and then cooked in oil. Serve them warm with your familys favorite sauce. You can also fun up this meal by sticking each nugget with toothpicks for pop-in-your-mouth flavor. These nuggets could also make a great appetizer when friends come over to visit. Chicken is a wholesome food filled with vitamins, minerals and protein. Its a great affordable food for your family, so be sure to serve it often.

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