Copycat Olive Garden Breadsticks

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This is a lovely recipe that yields so-called Copycat Olive Garden Breadsticks, but if you make them, the pleasure is all your own—as well as the compliments. Because that is what you will be receiving with these terrific homemade break sticks. There is really nothing as delicious as warm bread from the oven served with heaps of butter. Homemade bread smells fantastic from the first rise of the yeast to the final crumbs that you lick from your fingers. The smell alone will keep the entire family home waiting for some of that home baking. There is something quite intangible about the appeal of bread that beats out every other kind of smell.

This recipe is from scratch, using yeast, and a rise process to make it. Don’t worry if you have not made bread before. It is easy to do. And the site has photos to help you along as well as great instructions that are easy to follow, too. So make this bread when you have a day where you can stay at home and attend to the rise. While you are making the bread, you can also make some home made pasta sauce, either red or white as you prefer, and a lovely copy cat Olive Garden salad, and have yourself a great Olive Garden night on the cheap. Your family will love all the special attention you give to a meal like this one.

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