Copycat Red Robin Onion Rings

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Copycat Red Robin Onion Rings are not really copy cats, but improved and home made variations of a delicious theme. Any thing that is made from scratch is usually better than what you can buy at any store or outlet, and this recipe is not exception. Nothing can beat serving up hot and fresh onion rings for a late night snack, as part of a meal, or any time when you want something sweet and fun to eat, but not a dessert.

Onion rings are sweet because onions contain such high amounts of sugar. Until they are cooked, the sweet chemicals are not released. Onions are a fabulous vegetable, and have a long history behind them. Onions and other members of the Allium family including leeks, garlic, and shallots, have been examined for a long time for their medicinal properties. At different times, onions have been used to cure colds, aid in sleep, and improve digestion and any number of things, some more believable than others. But onions are an astonishing vegetable, and the site that hosts the world’s healthiest foods suggests including a member of this family in your diet each and every day. There is good and increasing research that onions may have a great health benefit including reducing cholesterol and blood pressure and possibly even the risk of some cancers. So you can eat even these wonderful treats feeling good that they may hold something good for your health in them.

The cornmeal and bread crumbs (panko is called for, but any very fine crumb will do) add great texture and coverage of the onion before you cook them, and the seasonings are terrific. Make these up when you want a great treat. A special campfire dip is also included with this recipe that will serve up perfectly with this special treat.

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