Corn And Chicken Chowder

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On hectic days, somehow it makes you feel better when there is a pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove. Soups equal comfort foods and the Corn and Chicken Chowder recipe would certainly fill your tummy and give you that overall good feeling.

Hearty soups can easily take the place of a regular meal. If you love to make soups, you and you family are going to get the benefits. If you make up a big pot of soup, you can can two to three days worth of healthy lunches or dinners from it. Soups are an economical method of preparing food, and a great soup is filled with the nutritional value from all the fresh vegetables and other ingredients that go into it. I came from a family where my mother being Ukrainian knew how to cook and bake, and soups were a staple. For a number of years, she and my sister owned a health food restaurant, and people came from far and wide for their daily bowl of homemade soup.

This chowder has chicken and corn in it. In this recipe food blogger, and home chef Karly, from 'Buns In My Oven' uses fresh corn on the cob. Of course, this would be pretty fabulous, but as corn on the cob is only in season a short time and if you don't live in an area where it grows, you will likely be substituting. In her recipe, she does give a substitution of canned corn, but I make a lot of soups and you could also substitute frozen corn. The bacon drippings are the 'fat' in this soup base, and that was very common 'back in the days' to save bacon fat and use for cooking. If for some reason you would prefer not to use bacon fat, you could substitute some butter instead. This is a very nice recipe that promises a delicious outcome. The method is clearly described and easy to follow.

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