Corn on the Cob on the Grill

Photo Credit: Midget MOMMA

Summer time is here, and many more people will be firing up their grills to make most of their food this season! One of my favourite things to make is Corn on the Cob on the Grill! There is something so awesome about cooking food on the grill, the flavour it gives it is unlike any way you can cook it indoors. That smoky charred flavour, that grilling is so well known for giving the food that is cooked on it, is the best, and is what people love to have in the summer! This grilled corn on the cob is no different!

Sure you can boil corn on the cob, you can even bake it or roast it, but seriously, nothing compares to having fire roasted, grilled corn on the cob. It reminds me of the way that the food stands in Mexico do it sometimes, they have their grills right there and grill it up right in front of you, or have a few pieces ready to go, that have been keeping warm on the grill. They put mayonnaise on it, with chilli powder and lime juice and it is seriously so good! The plain old butter and salt works too though.

This recipe calls for wrapping the corn on the cob in tin foil with butter and then grilling it, but we have done it straight on the grill like the Mexican food stand people do and it turned out great. We just buttered it up, or you can use oil if you prefer, and just put it on the grill 3 minutes or so per side. But this way that Midget MOMMA did it, looks just as great too, and minimal burning, but what can I say? I like the burnt parts! Do you love to grill up your veggies? Try corn on the cob if you haven't already! Head over to 'Midget MOMMA' by following the link in the section below for more!

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