Cornbread Pudding

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There are so many different types of pudding out there, for most of us, when we think pudding, we think Jello instant pudding, but there are other types like this Cornbread Pudding, that are pretty far from the instant creamy type of pudding we find in the grocery store! Pudding has been made for centuries in various forms, especially this kind of cake type of pudding that the British claim to be their creation. There are savoury puddings like this one, that are totally nothing like the sweet treat we know in North America! This one is a cornbread pudding made with kernels of corn and onion and cheese, making it like a nice corn bread that would be great with a chilli or a savoury soup.

This recipe is pretty easy to make, and is basically just a twist on regular cornbread, but just with more things added to it, like the cheese, corn and onion, other ingredients you don't typically find in corn breads. This recipe makes a very nice fluffy and light cornbread pudding that would even just be great on it's own. Cornbread is a thing of the southern states, who's main staple was corn, after having the Native people pass down their wisdom of the plants that grew in that area, people began to grow it for themselves and using it for a lot of different things.

Corn is a wonderful vegetable, it provides food like corn - when you just eat the kernels that have been shaved off, or eat them right off of the cob, or as pop corn when the dried kernels are heated and pop, and then as corn meal when the dried up kernels are ground up to make the meal that you make corn bread out of. The corn plant was and still is considered a sacred plant because it always provides for the people. Head over to 'The Southern Lady Cooks' by following the link below for more!

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