Corned Beef and Cabbage Casserole

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Here we have another cabbage recipe that as with all the other ones will add the high in fiber leafy vegetable to your dietary needs. If you are wondering the fact that is cabbage healthy then you are going to greet the answer that yes it is and it is low in calories as well. This is definitely something to include in your easy cabbage recipes book. Cabbage is best known as the main ingredient in Cole slaw recipes. But the fact that it is just as good and healthy for you in cooked form will welcome recipes like this one from Shannah. She gives your easy cabbage recipes folder another addition and will bulk up your cabbage recipes list as well. Yes is the answer to is cabbage healthy and it is not a meek yes but a resounding one.

Fiber is something that all our medical practitioners are telling us we all need more of and what better way than naturally in a recipe is there to get it onto our system. Cooking and getting fiber into our meals will have your digestive system thanking you and your overall health will benefit as well. Always try to include ingredients in your diet that are natural since this is what cooking was intended to do. Not only to fill you up but to also get much needed vitamins and fiber into your system.Casseroles are great since they allow for many ingredients and are a great home for leftovers. Casseroles are your kitchen’s older brother the one that always finished off the last pork chop on the table that was destined to be tomorrows boring and bland leftover no one really liked. Well in this day and age you now have another way to use those wonderful leftovers that you made with love and care even though you made a smidge too much of them.

If you have a spare few minutes of prep time and some great leftovers in the ice box then you are almost meal ready and with the tiniest amount of sweat you can manage you will have a meal your finicky diners will run for. Cheese and noodles are usually something most diners have an affinity to and now you can squeeze healthy cabbage into the mix and the addition of a cheese topping seals the deal. Kids can be picky eaters but in casseroles many things can be added and camouflaged especially vegetables and especially healthy ones. When trying to fool or trick, your little ones and your finicky adults, then the casserole is always a welcome way to cook things into the mix that are usually frowned upon by your picky diners. Always read any recipe you come across and determine what you are looking for in a meal and what your fellow munchers are also looking for. Thanks to Shannah of My Suburban Kitchen Blog for this yummy Corned Beef and Cabbage Casserole Recipe that will lovingly fool your diners into eating healthy and bon apetit.**

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