Corned Beef Cabbage Rolls

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These are not your usual cabbage rolls but they are definitely made for the healthy eating category. They are also a candidate for your good healthy dinners file. Easy dinner rolls like these ones will uncomplicate your kitchen time and once they are made you and your diners will love them. They have the meat, carrots, parsnips and a nice blend of spices. Yes easy dinner rolls are possible and Kat and Melinda show us a way with this recipe. It is not a quick made endeavor but with the time you put in you should be satisfied with the outcome.

Healthy eating is a concept and you must buy into it for you to get the most of it. If you are striving to cook good healthy dinners always remember even if the recipe you find is not up to your health expectations with a change here or there they can be included in your healthy dinner recipes list. Cabbage is low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. Carrots and parsnips are also loaded with nutrients and this recipe is baked so that is always a good thing as well.Cabbage and corned beef has been a traditional Irish dish and is now known around the world and it has followed Irish Immigrants to every corner of the world. Cabbage is an old leafy treat that has been around for millennia and with the varied recipes it finds itself in we can expect to have it around for many more years and recipes to come. It is great cooked and also raw as the main ingredient in cole slaw recipes. This dish form Kat and Melinda is great for any time of the year and if you are looking to substitute the meat that works as well. You can go with tofu or keep it all veggie. The choice is always yours.

Many cabbage recipes call for the cabbage to envelope meat and a rice mixture and they are usually then baked in a tomato-based sauce. This recipe keeps the cabbage dry and thus it can be eaten almost like a burrito when it cools down enough to hold on to. You can also add sauce of your choice if you like it that way better. You can also add cheese to the top but either way this is a recipe that offers many chances to make it unique to you and your diners.Kat and Melinda offer you an opportunity to even make a dish like this in a slow cooker since it needs to cook for a while anyway and if you are on a time constraint you can always leave them in the slow cooker and eat them when you are doing other things you are doing. The meat calls for 4 hours to cook so the slow cooker could work and will make your life easier. Thanks to Kat and Melinda of Homemade Interest Blog and this yummy Corned Beef Cabbage Rolls Recipe and bon apetit. **

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