Cotton Candy Fudge

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Once in a while, there is a little kid inside all of us that wants cotton candy. At times like that the only way to rescue is to make this delicious Cotton Candy Fudge recipe. With holidays coming up, what is a better way to kickstart other than making homemade fudge? This cotton candy will also remind you of unicorn design with beautiful blue and pink swirls inside. You could also add different colors like purple, turquoise or make it festive with Christmas colors. This fudge has a delicious vanilla flavor and made with just seven ingredients. You’ll love biting into this fudge with a slightly softer yet firm enough to hold it and just melts when you pop it in your mouth. A great tip to remember when buying white chocolate is to watch for the quantity of cocoa butter that’s present in it. Several brands that claim to be selling white chocolate especially the chocolate chips have the least quantity of cocoa butter which is mostly the only ingredient a good quality chocolate should have. If you thoroughly check the ingredients list, they're labeled either as white baking chips or morsels, and normally have copious amounts of milk, oil, and sugar. Remember that if you’re looking forward to an excellent flavor in your desserts, purchasing quality ingredients is the answer.

Even though preparing fudge looks like a simple and easy process, it nevertheless demands a bit of accuracy to be able to get the right batch of perfectly lustrous and creamy handmade fudge. Skillful fudge-making is all about cooking and reducing the mixture at precise temperatures. It's also important to make sure that the ingredients do not brown or burn along the process. The secret to this is using a great quality candy thermometer. A candy thermometer will not only helo you determine precise temperatures but also help you make fudge with success every time. Another helpful tip that will come handy is that while making fudge, you have to keep stirring it continually. Finally, have the perseverance to let it cool long enough before cutting it into cubes. One of the fascinating things about fun desserts like an excellent fudge recipe is that there are many alterations and ingredients you can add to make it taste to suit your palate. You can add healthy nut butter such as almond or pumpkin seed butter. You can also add a combination of melted dark chocolate chips along with white chocolate to add more fun to the recipe. Adding dark chocolate is also perhaps a good idea from a health perspective. Once the white chocolate and marshmallow cream is added with other ingredients, you can pour melted dark chocolate and then take a skewer and run it through the fudge batter to create a marbled effect. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, improves cardiovascular health and contains fiber and iron in it.

One important tip while making fudge is to always line the baking pan with a non-stick aluminium foil or parchment paper just so that it comes off quickly without leaving a mess when cutting into cubes. Nothing is worse than getting into a sticky situation when it comes to slicing fudge. You can store this fudge at room temperature or in the fridge sealed in an airtight jar.

Thank you to Sara at Bitz & Giggles recipe blog for sharing this easy Cotton Candy Fudge recipe with us. For more fun desserts, healthy recipes and food tips you can visit Sara’s food blog. Enjoy a mouthful of this delicious recipe for fudge candy oozing with vanilla flavor today!

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