Country Baked Beans with Bacon

Photo Credit: Syrup & Biscuits

There some meals that are awesome comfort food meals. Like these Country Baked Beans with Bacon for instance. Most things just taste better when they are home made, that is no secret at all, and these beans are no different. Sure the beans in a can are ok in a pinch, if you are hungry and need something quick, or for camping maybe. But these home made beans and bacon, even though they are made with the canned beans from the store, just have an extra added flavour that the can of beans just doesn't have. What would that be you might ask? Bacon, good old bacon.

Really anything becomes better with bacon as the saying goes, and these days, it almost seems like people are obsessed with bacon. It is good, but it should still just be eaten in moderation. This bean dish looks so good though... and I have to admit that I would love to try some of them right now! This would be the prefect side that everyone would go crazy over at a BBQ too. The author over at Syrup & Biscuits even says that the bacon in this recipe just makes the whole dish so much more amazing than the kind you buy and just heat up from the can.

The barbecue sauce definitely adds a lot to the dish too. Giving it that good ol' Southern Barbecue flavour that people just love. People love it because its total comfort food, and people love comfort food every once in a while, I know I do. Take this dish to your next gathering or family BBQ, and just watch it disappear before your eyes! People will probably just love it so much. Save the recipe so that you can send it off to people who ask you for it! Head over to 'Syrup & Biscuits' by following the link in the description below for more!

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