County Fair Funnel Cakes

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Everyone loves County Fair Funnel Cakes, usually because you are at the fair when you eat them. But you don’t have to go to the fair if you follow this terrific recipe and make them for your family at home. Or, have a backyard fair of your own with your family and friends, and make this for every one. It is a simple and delicious treat.

This recipe is made from scratch and the cake is poured using a funnel (thus, the name) into the oil and quickly cooked until it is brown and crisp. The sweet is then drained and sprinkled with all kinds of good things, most popularly, icing sugar. There are plenty of other toppings, of course, from cinnamon sugar to caramel or chocolate drizzles and anything else you might think of. This dish can be found in some form or other in almost every country in the world. It can also be traced back hundreds of years. It seems like everyone likes this cake. And why not? Can anything be better than deep fried pastry smothered in icing sugar, chocolate or fruit?

This dessert can become quite complex. The French are famous for making their funnel cakes with choux pastry, a pastry made on the stove top with flour and water and ends up in your mixer where plenty of eggs are added to create the eggy mix. When added to the fryer, this dough expands substantially because of the water in the dough turning to steam and so causing the funnel cake to rise. However you make it, though, most of the fun is that this dessert is served warm, made from the heart, and smothered in something finger licking good. Try it soon.

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