Cowboy Chicken

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Enjoy this smoky flavored cowboy chicken recipe, and enjoy fire roasted peaches while you are at it. This is a great recipe to enjoy and one that everyone in the family will gobble up in no time flat. Be sure to make plenty of this cowboy chicken recipe, because there will be plenty of requests for seconds. This chicken recipe includes smoky flavors that are very special in whatever dish they are in as well as a sweet contrast from roasted peaches. That will make a particularly good combination of rich and smoky flavors that you and the kids will be sure to enjoy.

This is a quick and easy chicken recipe that is just loaded with lots of interesting and contrasting flavors. The chicken recipe does call for the chicken to be marinated for a few hours before you finally cook it. Be sure to follow this step. When you allow meat (or chicken or fish) to marinate for some time, several things happen. First, the meat gets much more tender and juicy. Then, when you cook it, it is just that much more tender and delicious to eat. Second, the flavors that you have used in the marinade infuse and permeate the meat much better and more deeply. That means the meat, chicken or fish will taste richly of the marinade that you have used to prepare the dish. This is the case for this chicken recipe. The chicken will be permeated with the sweet and tangy taste of BBQ sauce as well as roasted peaches, a wonderful combination.

The second part of this recipe calls for you to make a cheese sauce, but not just an ordinary cheese sauce. This cheese sauce recipe is made with a smoky cheese and spicy chili. You could even add more smoked paprika if you are quite fond of the smoky taste. The cheese sauce is made from scratch, so that means great flavor and a chance to add more cheese, chili seasoning, pepper or other ingredients that you want, in order to make it taste as rich and flavorful as your family enjoys it.This recipe is usually served with hash browns and that is just what is ordered up on the site, An Affair From The Heart, to serve with this particular chicken recipe. All together, this combination will see you serving crunchy and crispy hash browns, great and sweet chicken that is tender and tangy, and cheese sauce on top that is made with smoky Gouda. What a wonderful combination of tastes that will just set your taste buds on fire. Enjoy this dish soon. And be sure to make extra hash browns! Enjoy this wonderful chicken soon!

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