Crab Meat au Gratin

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Have fun with this Crab Meat au Gratin recipe that puts the sultry and rich flavor of cheese and the sweet and delicious taste of crab meat together in a lovely dip that you can use for all kinds of purposes. This is a very special crab meat au gratin recipe that includes quite a few ingredients. Be sure to practice mise en place with this crab meat recipe in order to make it right and not forget any ingredients.

Mise en place is a French practice that helps you to get organized in the kitchen. There are two parts to this practice. In the first part, you pull all of the ingredients that you need from the fridge and cupboards. This step helps to make sure that you do have all of the ingredients that you need for the recipe; here, the crab meat au gratin. There is nothing as annoying as getting part way through a recipe and discovering that you forgot to buy the cheese. This step helps you to avoid that problem. The next step is to put all of the ingredients on your work table and in the order that you are going to use them. This step helps you to make sure that you use the ingredients in the order that they need to be used in, and as well, helps to make sure that you do not forget anything or leave anything out. These two steps make up the mise en place practice and experienced chefs around the globe use the method to help to ensure that their recipes are perfect every time. You can use it, too, to make sure that your crab meat au gratin recipe is perfect for your friends and family.

This crab recipe will produce a rich and cheesy sauce that will be just perfect for the crab. The combination of crab meat and Swiss cheese is really terrific. This recipe tempers the strong flavor of the crab meat and the Swiss cheese by adding in some American cheese as well as evaporated milk. These two ingredients will help smooth out the flavors in this great dip. And this dip, although it is high in fat, will also provide some good nutrients. The cheese is loaded with protein as well as lots of minerals. The minerals include calcium and magnesium, two important components to our good health. The crab meat is an excellent source of protein, too, and contains almost zero fat. It has only about 80 calories for a three ounce serving, the serving size that is often recommended for protein based food sources. It also contains lots of vitamins and important minerals for our good health.

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