Cracker Barrel Double Fudge Coca Cola Cake

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Knock it out of the ball park with this Cracker Barrel Double Fudge Coca Cola Cake. The addition of coca cola gives this cake deep flavor notes and a wonderful color as well. Since the cake is made from scratch as well as the frosting, use butter instead of margarine in both. The flavor difference is quite marked, and so is the moistness of the cake. If you go to the effort to make it from scratch use the best ingredients possible. You deserve it. Frosting is all about the blend of butter and sugar, so skimping here would be a mistake, too. In all, use butter where you can, or at least use some butter along with your regular choice of spread.

This recipe is a standard cake recipe with a little twist in the addition of coca cola. It means the flavor will have some caramel notes as well as some peppery tones throughout the cake. Of course, the color will deepen, and the photos illustrate how deeply fudgy looking the cake will be. This cake is not difficult to make and produces a lovely result. Use cream in the frosting for the richest flavor. Milk does work, of course, but like margarine, its flavor impact is less than if you use the real deal.

Cake is a wonderful dessert. Made from scratch, it always has a tender and sweet flavor. Put up in layers, with cream, jam, nuts, or something else in-between layers and with a fabulous frosting on top, it becomes a dessert for every special occasion. Try this recipe out, and see how adding something like coca cola can make a unique and interesting cake for your family.

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