Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad Recipe

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This cranberry almond chicken salad recipe packs pretty much every single ingredient in it that you could imagine adding to a salad. That might make this blend of cranberries, almonds, and chicken more of a complete meal at lunch or even dinner than just a simple side salad to accompany other foods. Of course, more and more, as salads have become the food and even the meal of choice for many people, meal type configurations have found their way into the salad bar. So today, when you order a salad if you are eating out in a restaurant, you might often be ordering what could be a very high calorie (and high fat) dish, when all you might have wanted was a simple array of veggies.

This particular cranberry almond chicken salad recipe has a lovely flavor that includes cranberries, almonds, and chicken. Together, these ingredients provide a nice contrast and complement of tastes and textures that is enjoyable. As well, in the serving dish, especially if you put the cranberries, almonds, and chicken together blended with mayonnaise or cream cheese or some other creamy blend, these three ingredients will provide plenty of color and splash. Cranberries are also a tart and tangy berry that offer plenty of zip to this dish, as well as a nice contrast to the sweeter and more tender taste of the chicken. Chicken brings plenty of great taste and lots of good protein that will help keep you going through the day. Almonds, especially if they are toasted first, provide a nice crunch, and a sort of earthy flavor and the light brown color of the toasted nut is a pretty contrast to the chicken.

Make this cranberry almond chicken salad recipe on those days when you want a big lunch, and need plenty of protein to kick-start your afternoon. This lunch will easily fill you up and carry you through to dinner. It is also quick and easy to make, and if you cook and freeze your chicken ahead of time, it can be a very cost-effective lunch. If you go easy on the dressing, you can also control the level of fat that you consume with this lunch. And be sure to serve this lunch on a big bed of greens. Greens can really help to fill you up, and are an excellent low calorie, zero fat source of great nutrition and loads of fiber (which is how it gets and keeps you fuller, longer). So do not skimp on the bed of greens for this cranberry, almond and chicken salad recipe. It makes a great complete lunch and is also practically a complete dinner, too. Enjoy it soon.

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