Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake

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The holidays are the time to bake and, this cranberry orange Bundt cake recipe will add a festive flair to any table. Sally, the author of Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe blog, loves the combination of cranberry and orange and sees it as a classic pairing in holiday dessert recipes. This cake is studded with fresh or frozen tangy cranberries and smells just like fresh oranges with the inclusion of the zest and juice from an orange. A heavenly glaze recipe is drizzled over the top which makes the cake look extra attractive for a nice dinner party. If the combination of orange and cranberries is calling you, then it is time to make this flavourful cake with an incredibly moist crumb and full-bodied taste.

If you need just one dessert for an event, baking a cake has to be the best option because it looks pretty and is satisfying for guests to eat. If you are tight on time, rather than baking several smaller desserts, like bars and cookies, you can just make this Bundt cake recipe, which will serve twelve people generously. Iced cakes are nice, but tend to be overcomplicated due to trying to neatly frost them and make them the most attractive they can be. In the case of this comfort dessert, there is very little fuss in the preparation as it is the pan that gives the cake its sophisticated shape. A Bundt cake refers to not the specific kind of cake itself, but to the mould, the batter is baked in to form a ringed cake with a hollow in the middle. These pans are inspired by the type of pan used for Gugelhupf, which are ring cakes common in Jewish communities in Germany and Poland. The term, Bundt, is trademarked by the company Nordic Ware, and as such, that term is limited to Nordic Ware products alone. There are other companies that make similar pans, but these cannot be called Bundt cake pans outright. Instead, they will be referred to as fluted tube pans. Luckily the trademark only extends as far as the pan, so a cake makes in a fluted tube pan may still be called a Bundt cake.

As with all cake recipes, you will want to make sure your cake comes out of the pan cleanly. Bundt cake recipes are often the most challenging cakes to release without tearing because there are many grooves in the design of the pan where it is easy for the cake to stick. The key is to grease the inside of the cake pan very well, especially around the bottom and centre tube, to ensure the cake comes out perfectly. A good-quality cake pan will help limit sticking too. Look for a thicker tube cake pan with a non-stick coating for all your Bundt cake baking needs, as a thicker material will allow for more even baking, while a non-stick coating will help your cake come out intact.

This must be one of the best cake recipes because it has a multitude of different flavours in one dessert. For cinnamon lovers, there is a cinnamon sugar mixture that is swirled into the cake batter for a pretty effect. Sally’s frosting recipe is a simple sweet and tangy glaze prepared with confectioner’s sugar and fresh orange juice. The glaze is lightly drizzled over the surface of the cake recipe for an attractive finish that also tastes delicious. The cake will be sure to be added to your other dessert recipes for use in years to come. Thank you to Sally, the author of the Sally’s Baking Addiction recipe blog, for sharing her cranberry-orange Bundt cake recipe with us.

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