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We have here a recipe that recreates Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt at home! Called the crazy salt recipe, this version of the classic salt mix will make all your foods crazy tasty! This recipe is created by Mary Younkin at ‘Bare Feet in the Kitchen’. Whereas you have to buy Jane’s salt at stores, you can now create a healthier and more fresh version at home.

Jane’s Crazy Mixed-up Salt is salt with other spices and condiments in a bottle, so that you can sprinkle this mix to just about every dish to make them flavorful. But it is pre-packaged, and you are never sure about its freshness since it has been sitting on shelfs for a bit. Fortunately for us, Mary has this salt mix all figured out, and has shared with us all the ingredients. So we can use fresh ingredients when we can, and even experiment by adding or removing spices to our heart’s desire.

The heart of this seasoning is salt. Nowadays some people differentiate between seasoning and flavoring by whether you are adding salt in the preparation - if so, then it is seasoning. But salt was used historically as a preservative, not a seasoning. For thousands of years, salt was used to preserve food for long durations where food was moved, and this was a crucial factor for the founding and maintaining of civilizations. Salt however was in low abundance, and hence was considered a highly valuable item. One of the reasons for its scarcity is the efficiency of the methods of salt extraction. One method that dates back to 6050BC (and industrialized today) is the method of boiling salt water to extract salt. The 2nd half of the 19th century saw a rise in the mining of salt mines, and its methods were being used by more and more drillers until salt flooded the markets, which reduced the value of salt. Today salt is abundant, used in all dishes, and already iodized.

For the complete recipe of crazy salt, visit ’Barefeet In The Kitchen’ website link below.

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