Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Swedish Cream Gravy

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Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes and Swedish Cream Gravy is nothing short of comfort food. The creamy, tart potatoes complemented by the rich and creamy gravy is just the sort of food you need on wet, cold winter days or when life just does not seem to be going as smoothly as wish it would. Then, pull out this recipe for cream chees potatoes and make the cream gravy to go with it, and enjoy. This recipe is fat rich, but when you eat something this decadent, you just have to set aside concerns on that score. The potatoes include sour cream, cream cheese, and plenty of rich butter that will make these potatoes fabulously rich. If you like, they will taste just as good if you leave the skins on the potatoes rather than peeling them. The skins will slow the absorption of the (yummy) ingredients and put plenty of good fiber in to your tummy. That could mean you will eat less of this fabulous comfort food.

The sauce is also fantastic and can have plenty of other uses. It is made with rich cream. Add plenty of pepper to give the sultry flavor of the cream a nice snap at the back of the throat. If you really want to balance this meal out a bit, make up some dark green veggies, whatever is your favorite. That might include broccoli, asparagus, Swiss Chard or spinach. Any of these robust veggies will work beautifully with the potatoes and gravy. Add some meat like beef, chicken or even fish and you will have a rounded out meal.

For sheer comfort food, this recipe is hard to beat. Make it when you just need something to eat that makes you feel better. If you want to make a meal, consider some of the additions suggested above. Either way you do it, be sure to enjoy what you make.

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