Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes Recipe

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This Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes Recipe is just one of so many ways to serve up that wonderful and under appreciated vegetable, the potato. Potatoes are a fantastic food. They are loaded with vitamin C, did you know? As well, they have more potassium per potato than bananas or spinach. When you eat the skin, and you should whenever you can, you are also getting a great source of fiber. Fiber is one of the problem areas in the North American diet, so when you can bump up your intake and that of your family, do so. Here, cream cheese is added to potatoes. That is a great combination. The bland and heavy flavor of potato is balanced by the tangy and slightly sweet flavor of cream cheese. An excellent combination.

This particular recipe does not use potatoes with the skins on them, but don’t hesitate to do so. And as proof that kids love potatoes, just check out the cutie on the website, gobbling down the potato on the beaters. This blogger blends her potatoes with a mixer, which makes a very creamy result. If you prefer a chunkier potato blend, just mash the potatoes by hand. This second method might work better if you have chosen to keep the skins on your potatoes for this recipe.

This recipe also includes butter and milk, which also complement potatoes. Really, there is not much that a potato does not work with, in terms of great taste. Boiled, broiled, baked, deep-fried, or any of the many ways you make them, potatoes taste great. They work with every meat, chicken and fish, and are an often forgotten vegetable. They are full of nutrition, low in sodium, calories and cholesterol. Eat them warm or cold, alone or stuffed with or in something else. Potatoes are great. Enjoy them soon and eat them often.

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