Cream Cheese Mints

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If you have never had a need to make candy before, this cream cheese mints recipe is a perfect place to start. These mints involve just four ingredients and no cooking unlike traditional candy making, which involves cooking sugar to achieve a certain temperature for the correct set. Instead, just a few ingredients are mixed together to create the perfect bite-sized mint recipe to enjoy any time of year. Kamie, the author of the No Biggie recipe blog, came up with this delicious mint recipe for something to enjoy and gift during the holidays. Kamie even provides the perfect printable gift tags for attaching to jars or bags of these mints that you plan to give to your family or friends.

Whenever you need dessert recipes that don’t require baking these mints provide the perfect amount of sweetness along with a fresh minty taste. The process of making these mints isn’t so dissimilar to making a frosting recipe and then piping onto cupcakes. These cream cheese mint recipe only requires one bowl, a parchment-lined baking sheet, and a piping bag with a tip to complete. The cream cheese gets combined with peppermint flavouring for taste and powdered sugar for structure, before being piped onto the baking sheet. Although you may be tempted to line the baking sheet with aluminum foil or not line it at all, it is essential so that the mints don’t stick and tear when you try to remove them from the sheet. To achieve a similar appearance to what is in the recipe photos, Kamie gives instructions for the size of the piping tip and how to swirl them, so they look pretty. Of course, you can use whatever piping tip you like the best to create these easy desserts, and they will still work out great. The icing sugar helps dry the mixture out so that the mints set perfectly. Additionally, these are popped into the freezer to get them to set quickly. For storage, this mint recipe will have to be stored in the refrigerator due to the quantity of cream cheese and the fact you won’t want them to spoil. They will keep for a few hours at room temperature, though, if given as a gift.

A wonderful thing about these fun desserts is that they are suitable for a gluten free diet as well. Finding gluten free recipes for the holidays can be a challenge, but with these mint candies, you can be sure there is something sweet for everyone to enjoy during the festivities. Just make sure that your powdered sugar stash hasn’t come in contact with wheat flour if you know you will be making this cream cheese mint recipe for those with a gluten-free diet. These mints would also be a tasty addition to easter gift baskets with some pastel colour shades, like pink, yellow or green. If you decide you don’t like the taste of peppermint candy, you can substitute the peppermint extract with another flavouring of your choice. Rum or almond extract would be other festive flavours for during the holidays, or else you may use vanilla extract for a more traditional taste.

One of the best parts of this mint recipe is that they can be stored in the freezer before your event, so they are a great make-ahead dessert. Kamie mentions that they will keep for at least a month in the freezer meaning you can get your planning and candy making done early in the season. Thank you to Kamie, the author of the No Biggie recipe blog, for sharing their cream cheese mints recipe with us.

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