Cream Cheese Sheet Cake

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This is an easy and lovely recipe that culminates in Cream Cheese Sheet Cake. It is a simple and quick cake that gets a lighter color, richer flavor, and more tender crumb from the addition of cream cheese in to the recipe. It is also a recipe that calls for a six eggs, so this cake will be slightly spongy in texture, and the flavor of the eggs will be noticeable throughout. The frosting is a cooked one that results in a great texture and flavor to complement the cake.

This cake could be a good one for your beginning baker to try in order to get some experience cooking with lots of eggs. And there are lots of them in this recipe. Eggs always add a lightness as well as a spongy character to a cake. This recipe calls for six eggs, so the texture of the cake will be quite light and airy, if the eggs are carefully and completely blended in to the dough, one at a time. This step is not difficult to do, but it does require care and attention to the whole process. These traits of attention to detail and patience are important for a baker to develop as part of their habits if they hope to become proficient in baking.

This is a lovely dessert that bakes up on a sheet and so is perfect for communal dinners where you are providing the dessert. It will cut neatly in to perfect and uniform pieces, is easy to carry and deliver. The icing is a nice cooked icing made with chocolate chips for a great contrast to the vanilla flavor in this cake. It is not difficult to put together, although any cake made with this many eggs requires the attention of the baker to ensure they are properly incorporated in to the dough. Enjoy this cake.

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