Cream Cheese Stuffed Carrot Cake with Orange Glaze

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It just does not seem fair. Who could possibly resist cream cheese stuffed carrot cake with orange glaze? This recipe blends just about the best of every possible world to come up with a sweet cake filled with a favorite cheese then topped with yummy orange glaze . . . and your family will love it too.

This recipe gets baked in a bundt pan and the cake is turned out, upside down, then glazed and sprinkled with nuts. A photograph on the website illustrates how this works and just how pretty it looks when baked this way. If you do not yet own a bundt cake today might be a good day to buy one. There is something extra special about cake that is made and served this way.

There are other things that make this cake special as well. For example, it recommends that you put the nuts, pecans, through a blender before adding them in to the recipe. Pecans are a sweet and slightly softer nut than many other varieties. They add a very particular flavor so dont substitute with any other kinds. As well, when nuts are ground up, it not only helps to release their flavor, but also their oils. So the resulting dessert is especially moist and delicious. This recipe bumps up the nutrition with the addition of loads of carrots. They are finely grated and add flavor and a very pretty color and great texture to this fine cake. Pecans are also called for as a sprinkle on top. Here the pecans are roasted then rough chopped and tossed on top once the glaze is on the cake. Dont forget this step. Roasted nuts are really flavorful and they will add a nice tender crunch to finish off this great dessert.

The cheese is carefully blended to a sort of cheesecake type blend. That is added to the cake after it is put in the bundt pan, so it cooks in the middle. Until you cut into the cake the cheese blend is hidden inside. Cut, the cake is a pretty contrast of brown and white.

It does take a few steps to pull together the cake, cheese filling and glaze, but your family will appreciate every step you take to bring them this classic dessert.

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