Cream Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin Cookies

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If you enjoy biting in to surprises in your cookies, muffins and cakes, then try out this recipe for Cream Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin Cookies. A big bite of cream cheese sits in the center of these easy to make cookies. The cookies combine chocolate chips in a boxed cake recipe that is just made up as cookies. The higher rise and slightly drier cake recipe makes the cream cheese work really well for the cookie. So this cookie will have a combination of smooth cookie texture, bites of chocolate chips and then a creamy middle. There will be plenty to interest the palettes of your kids when they see you making this snack food.

Here, a boxed mix is used to make the cookie dough. That means this recipe is quick and easy. Your up and coming baker might want to try her hand at this one. The cream cheese will easily pop inside the cookies and then bake up nicely. A cookie scoop is suggested in this recipe. They are cheap to buy, and they do a few things that are really great. First, they ensure that the cookies are very close to the same size, and that means even cooking for the cookies. As well, a cookie scoop ensures that the cookies have the same shape, a nicely rounded mound. And that means better looking cookies. You do not have to buy an expensive cookie scoop, and they might even be available at your grocery store. So this item is one to consider, especially if you like to make cookies a lot.

This recipe has a few steps to it, and will produce a cookie that is pretty and has plenty of flavor contrasts and loads of texture. Pumpkin and cream cheese are two delicious flavors that also pack a lot of nutritional punch. So you can be happy to serve these up to your kids. Make sure you do it soon!

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