Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

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If you love buttery melt-in-your-mouth shortbread, you will want to bake this cream cheese thumbprint cookies recipe all the time. This tasty cookie recipe has a similar texture to shortbread with a fine crumb and soft texture. Lisa, the author of the Flour Me With Love recipe blog, came up with these easy cookies, which are filled with tasty jam or jelly preserves and include plenty of cream cheese in the dough to create a soft cookie. These fun desserts are ideal for holiday dessert trays or whenever you need ideas for homemade gifts. Their mouth-watering texture and fruit filling make this cookie recipe an attraction to anyone who is offered them.

If you aren’t an avid baker but enjoy a good cookie, thumbprint cookie recipes are great to start with. Most of these types of cookies, including this cream cheese thumbprint recipe, are mixed in one bowl and involve the simplest ingredients. First, butter, sugar and cream cheese are mixed until fluffy, before having the eggs and flavourings incorporated. There is no need to mix the dry ingredients in a separate bowl, as they can be added directly to the mixer bowl and thoroughly mixed with the wet ingredients. While cold butter and cream cheese will be ideal in some dessert recipes, like pie pastry or biscuits where a flaky texture is ideal, you want the butter to be soft, so it mixes evenly with all the other ingredients. If the butter and cream cheese aren’t properly incorporated into the dry mixture, you may notice your cookies spreading across the baking sheet as they cook. If you notice your cookie dough becoming too soft to shape and work with, you can refrigerate it slightly to firm it up. Refrigeration of cookie dough is a great way to help retain the shape of the cookies during baking as well as meld flavours.

A nice thing about this cookie recipe is that Lisa gives you the option of using whatever jam or fruit preserves you like. The cookies should have a nice, deep indentation in them so that you can fill them with lots of fruit filling. Lisa recommends using your thumb, which is the ideal in thumbprint cookie making. If desired, though, you can use the end of a wooden spoon to indent the cookies instead. You can use your homemade jams and jellies, or whatever you have leftover in your fridge. Whatever you decide, this thumbprint cookie recipe will become a favourite for whenever the sweet cravings hit. In a pinch, you can even fill the thumbprint cookies with lemon curd, dulce de leche or chocolate hazelnut spread. Try several fillings so that everyone has a variety they like.

When you make these easy homemade cookies, there will be no need to line your baking sheet with parchment paper, as this dough is so buttery, they won’t stick. Of course, if your baking sheets aren’t in the best shape, you may prefer to line them. For shaping the cookies in this filled cookie recipe, it is an excellent idea to use a tablespoon or small cookie scoop to portion them. This allows you to get uniform-sized cookies so that they all bake in the same amount of time. The cookies will be baked just when they are starting to turn light golden on the bottom. Overbaking may produce a tougher cookie. Once these cookies are cooked, they are unlikely to last long, due to their appealing softness and burst of fruit filling. Thank you to Lisa, the author of the Flour Me With Love recipe blog, for sharing her cream cheese thumbprint cookie recipe with us.

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