Cream Puff Chocolate Eclair Cake

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Cream Puff Chocolate Éclair Cake will be a great treat to serve your family. This cake blends the flavors of a classic éclair with the ease of a cake assembly. It is a great alternative construction to the classic éclair, which can take time to assemble individually. The éclair is a time-honored treat or snack from France. It is composed of a choux dough, an interesting combination of butter, water and flour that makes a slightly crunchy crust, a custard filling and a chocolate ganache topping often then topped with whipped cream. They are chilled really well, and are a fabulous treat. This recipe repeats the elements in an easy to make and serve cake format.

This recipe is wonderful because it does use the classic choux base. When you blend the hot water, butter, and flour, be sure of a couple of things.

•First, melt the butter entirely in the water when it is at a full boil

•Second, as you add the flour, add it quickly and have a whisk handy and keep beating the mixture until it is fully blended

These two steps will help ensure that your choux is perfect.

If you are going to the trouble to make this lovely dish, use real whipped cream. There is no imitating this flavor, and whipping cream is a simple thing to do. It can even be whipped by hand, although it takes a bit more time. And for the chocolate sauce, consider a simple ganache. Ganache is really just your favorite chocolate bar melted and thinned with cream. That way you will have the real meal deal as you might purchase it in a French pastry shop. Enjoy!

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