Creamed Corn With Bacon

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This Creamed Corn With Bacon recipe will show you how you can make creamed corn from scratch and then boost the flavor even more with bacon. This creamed corn with bacon recipe is very rich, so serve small amounts when you bring this dish to the table for dinner. It does not take too long to make up this creamed corn with bacon recipe, so you can choose to make it any time you are in the mood. The site blogger and recipe creator, Bread Booze Bacon, recommends that you use fresh corn for this creamed corn with bacon recipe and of course fresh corn is always the most flavorful. Of course when it is not available, don't let that stop you as you could use frozen corn. This site blogger and recipe creator recommends fresh corn as it is so much sweeter and when corn is in season this is a corn recipe that you may want to save to make this treat for your family.

Corn is a great vegetable, and one that can work with many different meals that you might be preparing for your family. And corn can be served in a lot of different ways. For example, corn preserves well, and so you can find it frozen, canned, as well as fresh on the cob, when it is in season. And corn works with almost any meal, adding plenty of pretty color and also great taste on the plate. So corn can be served with grilled chicken, a great beef steak, added in to chili, made in to soup (by itself or with other ingredients) and in plenty of other ways. Corn is also delicious when added in to breads, and corn bread is a fabulous bread served warm with honey and butter.

This recipe takes the very sweet flavor of corn and sets it against the salty and pungent taste of bacon. Together, these two ingredients, and these two contrasting flavors work beautifully to create a terrific dish. And although it might be seasonal if you want to use fresh corn still on the cob to make it, that means this dish will just be that much more special when you serve it. As a kid, we always had seasonal foods that took us through each season, including corn on the cob and blueberry pie in the late summer, pumpkin and squash that we tended to eat in the fall, and of course, at Christmas, we got chocolates, something that we only had otherwise at Easter. And having special foods that we associated with particular seasons made that food just that much more special for us when we finally got it. So enjoy this dish made with fresh corn, and then keep it for late summer when corn is best.

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