Creamy Bacon and Ranch Pasta Salad

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The next party you are hosting will be a whole lot tastier with this creamy bacon and ranch pasta salad recipe from Michaela of An Affair From the Heart. Michaela is a mother of four who has a passion for cooking and is a lover of dogs. She takes her years of being a mom and wife and introduces us to a healthy fresh take on pasta salad recipes.

Pasta salad recipes have been a necessity and a stand-by whenever you decide to get some good friends together for a good meal and great time. They go well in winter, summer, spring and fall. It is one of those dishes that is always finished when on the buffet table. Pasta whether it is cold or hot is always good. Pairing it with a creamy bacon ranch sauce just makes it all the better. Recipes like this one are almost always unique to the person making them. You can always add an extra pinch of this or an extra pinch of that. Nutritionally speaking you can substitute regular pasta for whole wheat and you can also give it the gluten free touch by using gluten free pasta. Most of the big pasta manufacturers have gotten on the gluten free train and have added it to their line-ups. This pasta salad recipe calls for parmesan cheese which you can easily make more calorie wise by using vegan parmesan. Yes vegan, it doesn’t lose the taste but cuts down on the less healthy milk ingredient by using coconut butter. You can get this cheese at most of the larger supermarkets.

Pasta has a long history of being known as a starter dish but with this wonderful creamy pasta salad recipe you can have it as a main by adding some roasted chicken or turkey breast. You can also take this pasta salad recipe and add grilled tofu and with the vegan parmesan you can please that vegan on your list.

Michaela offers us a great recipe idea and by adding the sour cream you have a decadent take on the classic oil and vinegar type. You can use non-fat sour cream to keep down the calories and whole-wheat pasta will add the fiber to your diet as well. The main part of this dish is the simplicity in getting the ingredients and the cooking time. It stays well in the fridge and with time the flavors will co-mingle and will infuse themselves into each other flawlessly.This creamy bacon ranch pasta salad recipe will soon become one of your go to salads on those days when even the finicky eater will be pleased. Bon apetit.

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