Creamy Bacon and Shrimp Dip

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Try a Creamy Bacon and Shrimp Dip recipe, and enjoy a sultry, salty and rich dip that you can share with the family and any friends who happen to be dropping by when you make this recipe up. This shrimp dip recipe is very rich and delicious. It is loaded with multiple kinds of cheese and loaded with bacon and shrimp. It takes a few minutes to prepare, so plan to spend a bit of time cooking things such as the bacon and the shrimp, layering them, and then adding in the cheese blend and so on. These steps are not easy, and you can make things go much quicker and easier if you split the tasks up with the kids and others who can help out. For example, one person could be in charge of preparing the shrimp. Another person could cook up the bacon, strain it, and chop it. Then another person could prepare the cheese blend. That way, this dish could come together much more quickly than if one person were trying to do all the work by him or her self.

It is always much more fun to work in the kitchen when you are working with someone else. This recipe is the perfect one to let two or even more people work together to produce a really dramatic shrimp dip recipe. This dip recipe will taste great. It is loaded with lots of delicious foods such as the shrimp and bacon and then loaded even more with plenty of cheese. Then you bake the whole thing to produce a cheesy, gooey and delicious combination. Serve this with bread, crackers and even chopped veggies such as celery and others.

Bacon is a great food, although it is loaded with fat and preservatives. If you want to, you can limit the amount of bacon that you add in to this particular creamy bacon and shrimp dip recipe. After all, bacon is so flavorful that just a small amount goes a very long way. So you can often decrease the amount of bacon that you add in to a recipe, and still get fabulous flavor results. You can try that here. Make the amount of bacon that the recipe here calls for, but only add in one half of the amount. Mix the dish up, and before you add it in to the oven, taste a small amount. If the flavor of the bacon seems prominent enough, do not add more. If it seems lacking, just keep stirring in a small amount at a time until you think there is sufficient flavor in the bacon and shrimp dip recipe. Now bake and enjoy it with family and friends!

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