Creamy Blueberry Pie with Streusel Topping Using Fresh OR Frozen Blueberries

Photo Credit: Bunny's Warm Oven

Enjoy a new version of blueberry pie that is extremely yummy. This creamy, delicious blueberry pie has all of the great flavour of blueberry that you love, but it also has a layer of custard which brings it to another level. Instead of making this creamy, dreamy custard with milk, Bunny from Bunny's Warm Oven makes her's with sour cream. She has also done this with a lemon pie recipe that is featured on her website that you'll enjoy if you really like lemon pie. Maybe you've never heard of using sour cream in a pie recipe before, but it's supposed to be really delicious. There are other dessert recipes which call for sour cream like cake recipes and other easy desserts for cookies. Usually in these recipes, the sour cream is added to make the cake or cookie moist, rich and dense, but in this case, it's made to make the recipe creamy. Don't worry though, just like in the other dessert recipes you won't taste the sour cream; it will just add some creamy texture and maybe a little bit of zest. You will use a regular pie crust for this recipe which you can either make from scratch or to make a really easy dessert easier you can use a premade storebought crust too. Bunny suggests placing a baking sheet under your pie as it bakes to catch any spills or drips. This could save you from having a big mess to clean up afterwards.

You can either use frozen or fresh blueberries, but if you use frozen Bunny says to thaw out the berries under warm water before you use them in the recipe. If you try and thaw them in the microwave, they will end up being quite mushy and soupy. The custard goes over top of the berries, and it requires some sugar, salt, flour, 2 eggs and sour cream. If you'd like the finished dessert to be a little more flavourful, you can also add a bit of lemon juice to the custard as well. This pie recipe is different from most pie recipes since instead of doing another pie crust, you will make a streusel topping which complements the ingredients of this pie perfectly. The streusel topping is actually quite easy to make and could maybe even be easier to make than a second pie crust. All you need to make it is some white sugar, brown sugar, all-purpose flour and butter.

While blueberries don't appear on either of the lists put out by the Environmental Working Group which are the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen lists, it's still advised to buy your blueberries organic. This is because they can be prone to absorbing lots of pesticides and chemicals. Other berries like strawberries are on the Dirty Dozen list which means that they also have high levels of pesticides on them, so it's best to buy them organic. Fruits like mangos and pineapples seem to be fine and don't contain high levels of toxins in them, but this could be because they have a peel that protects them. If you would like to try an alternative to sour cream, you could try replacing some of it or all of it with Greek yogurt which is a bit healthier and lower in fat. Greek yogurt has been used for many different dessert recipes, and you can make so many easy desserts using it. Plus, Greek yogurt has some natural probiotics in it which help with healthy digestion. Enjoy this recipe and many others from Bunny's Warm Oven and share them with your friends and family.***

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