Creamy Blueberry Pie

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Sour cream makes the difference in this Creamy Blueberry Pie that uses fresh blueberries (frozen ones are an option, too) and plenty of them to create a fabulous fruit pie you will want to try. A streusel topping adds plenty of texture and more flavor to the berries (and a streusel blended with two sugars for extra depth of flavor). This is a unique way to make a pie, starting with a traditional crust and filling, adding a twist of sour cream, and a new topping of streusel to add crunch and a new taste. This is a great pie.

The website shows plenty of photos that illustrate just how attractive this pie is, once it is made up. Blueberries are always very special. And they are not only one of the most popular berries around (right behind raspberries) but they are regarded as one of the best ones for your good health. Blueberries are chock full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories, not to mention loads of vitamins and minerals. So there is lots to be glad to serve in terms of good nutrition with this pie.

Pies are a wonderful way to serve dessert. They always seem to imply that extra time and effort has been put in to making a treat like this one. There is the bottom layer to consider (whether or not you make it from scratch), the middle filling, and often, some kind of top layer, as here. It is always pretty to present, and every one loves a slice of pie. It seems extra home made, somehow. Enjoy this one fresh from the oven and served with some ice cream on the side, or for a really decadent dessert, add fresh whipped cream. Try this recipe out soon.

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