Creamy Chicken Caesar Lasagna

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Creamy Chicken Caesar Lasagna always seems like a summer time dish to me. I am not sure why, except perhaps that I always think of Caesar in terms of salad, and salads are something I like best in summer. Then the ingredients are always at their most fresh. Try as I have to recreate a summer garden in my house during the winter, somehow it is the summer lettuce that is still sweetest.

This dish has the sharp tomato flavor tempered by the use of cream cheese and a commercial blend of Caesar salad dressing. Tomato is a surprisingly delicious food companion to all things involving cream. The sultry and smooth flavor of cream works wonderfully against that tangy of tomato. That is the flavor combination at work in this dish. The dish also really bumps up the nutrition with the addition of a lot of spinach. Spinach is a food that is low in fat, sodium and cholesterol, rich in vitamins and minerals, and is a good source of dietary fiber. It works well when eaten raw in a salad, and really can disappear when you add it to other dishes where you want to give a nutritional bump to the dish. Here, the spinach is a light flavor against that works with tomato and cream. At the World’s Healthiest Foods site, spinach is ranked number one for nutrient richness. Make sure this food is a regular part of your family’s diet.

This dish may take a little time to prepare, but it is not difficult. The dish is made easier by the use of prepare chicken, which speeds everything up. Commercial Caesar dressing makes it extra creamy and cream cheese smooths the flavors out and brings them together perfectly. Try this dish soon. It will become a family favorite, you’ll see!

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