Creamy Dilled Cucumber Salad

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This creamy dilled cucumber salad recipe showcases the best of cucumbers, which is their crisp, refreshing quality. This cucumber salad involves a creamy dressing that is equally tangy and herbaceous with a hint of fresh garlic. Kevin, the author of the Closet Cooking recipe blog, insists this is one of the best salads to serve on a hot day because cucumber is so naturally juicy and this salad is exceptional served cold, although you could serve it as soon as it is made if desired. Although cucumber salad recipes aren’t always the most attractive to look at, Kevin elevates the appearance by incorporating thin slices of red onion and chopped fresh dill, which makes this simple salad perfect for serving to guests at a backyard barbeque. The red onion is the ideal choice for any fresh salad not only because of its colour but also because it isn’t as harsh tasting when raw. Whether you need an easy salad recipe for weeknight dinners or want a dish to bring to a potluck, this herbed cucumber salad will be a perfect choice.

There are a few different types of cucumber in the grocery store, but Kevin specifies large cucumbers, which means an English cucumber or field cucumber may be best. If you have a particularly prickly variety of cucumber, you may want to peel it, but the benefit of using a store-bought English cucumber is that it shouldn’t require peeling. Cucumbers are such an underused fruit and are usually reserved for snacks or flavouring water, which is why this cucumber salad recipe is so wonderful. This salad shows cucumbers as the star of a dish and highlights all of its best features from the crisp texture to the clean, melon-like taste. For an even crisper cucumber salad, consider placing the sliced cucumber in a colander set over a bowl, sprinkling with salt and allowing it to sit for ten minutes or so until the water renders out. You can rinse the salt residue from the cucumbers before adding them to the salad. This is a great tip for any savoury recipes where you use eggplant or zucchini as well.

The nutritional value of cucumber is another thing that makes cucumbers a must-use fruit in the home kitchen. One fact about cucumbers is that they are very low in calories, and therefore, make an ideal snack for those who are looking to lose or control their weight. Cucumber nutrition also contains a substantial amount of vitamin K; you can achieve nine percent of your daily recommended intake by eating just half a cup of sliced cucumber. This cucumber salad recipe includes a dressing that will help promote satiety when you eat it because you can make it with Greek yoghurt, sour cream, mayonnaise or a combination of each. The creamy dressing adds fat, which is an important component of everyone’s diet and being satisfied with the dishes we eat. Many cucumber salad recipes will include mayonnaise-based salad dressing recipes, which can be very high calorie, but this version allows the cook to adjust to their tastes or diet needs.

One of the most interesting parts of this salad recipe is its use of fresh lemon. The addition of finely grated lemon zest adds a fragrant flourish to the salad, and the lemon juice adds the necessary tang. If you don’t have a fresh lemon available, though, you can replace it with you favourite vinegar. White wine vinegar is a good basic choice because it won’t discolour the dressing, whereas white or balsamic vinegar would. Thank you to Kevin, the author of the Closet Cooking recipe blog, for sharing his creamy dilled cucumber salad recipe with us.

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