Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp

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There is nothing quite like the sweet, briny taste of fresh shrimp, but it is often a fixture of meals rather than the main component. If you are looking to enjoy shrimp as a main meal, this creamy garlic butter Tuscan shrimp recipe is easy enough for a weeknight, but also gorgeous enough to serve for a special dinner. Karina, the author of Café Delites recipe blog, came up with this shrimp recipe for Valentine’s Day, and indeed, it would be perfect for a nice dinner with your significant other, but the simplicity of this shrimp dish makes it ideal for any night of the week too. It starts by browning shrimp in a skillet, before adding the sauce ingredients to simmer. Since this shrimp recipe is very saucy, it would be ideal to serve over pasta, potatoes or rice to soak up all the goodness.

For those who love full flavoured dishes, this dynamite shrimp recipe is a perfect dish to make. It combines sweet shrimp with plenty of garlic, tangy sun-dried tomatoes, earthy spinach, and salty Parmesan cheese for a balance of flavours that will be irresistible to you and your family. The best thing about cooking with shrimp compared to other proteins is that it takes minutes to cook, which means you can get it on the table even faster than chicken or steak. Since the shrimp cooks so quickly, you want to make sure you are adding it to the other ingredients at the right moment. In the case of this garlic butter shrimp recipe, the shrimp are cooked right at the beginning and set aside while the sauce is cooking. The shrimp get added to the sauce at the end to warm through. A telltale sign that the shrimp are cooked is that they are just pink in colour. The secret to getting good colour on the shrimp at the beginning and prevent the shrimp from poaching in the skillet is to have the skillet hot enough to sear them. If you have the skillet hot enough, the shrimp should get good colour and take only a minute per side to cook. If you want to make this easy meal even easier, you can use pre-cooked shrimp instead. Simply omit the browning step and add the thawed shrimp into the sauce mixture at the end to warm through.

This shrimp recipe uses white wine in the sauce as an optional ingredient, but it adds tanginess and sweetness, which you otherwise won’t achieve if you omit it. If you are cooking for kids, you could always substitute the wine with grape juice instead, which should give a similar sweetness. Alternatively, some chicken broth or vegetable broth could give a more savoury component to the sauce recipe. Karina writes in her Tuscan shrimp recipe that you can add dried Italian herbs to the dish. You can add this dish to you easy and delicious dinner recipes roster because you can use whatever herbs you have on hand, whether it is an Italian seasoning mixture, dried basil, dried oregano, or dried rosemary. The spinach adds not only a pop of colour in the dish but also additional nutrition in an otherwise rich dish. Spinach nutrition consists of generous amounts of vitamin K and A, as well as twenty or so additional minerals and nutrients like vitamin C, fibre and potassium. It makes such an ideal addition to meals, like stew recipes or soups, because it can be added to dishes at the end and wilts in an instant. Thank you to Karina, the author of Café Delites recipe blog, for sharing her creamy garlic butter Tuscan shrimp recipe with us.

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