Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

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Easy Mexican meals like this one from the kitchen of Mel can be a great addition to your family dinner ideas list. Making any Mexican meal is a great way to expand your recipe portfolio while getting to experience the ingredients of food that is cooked in another part of the world. Anytime you have the chance to make a dish that is foreign to you then take the time and give it a try. Part of the eating experience is in trying new foods and new spices. Mexican cooking and easy Mexican meals will help to expand your culinary muscle while making a meal your family will love. Making healthy meals kids will eat is not always an easy proposition. Many times if you equate a meal to a fast food one then you might entice your kids to try your new offering. Tacos and anything that can be described in those terms will make trying a new dish easier for your little ones since most kids love fast food. Trying to make healthy meals kids will eat takes some doing and if you have to fool them to get the job done then have at it. Family dinner ideas that include burritos, tacos and enchiladas are great since many can be made meatless and if you consider getting them involved in the process your chances of them eating are way better. You can make most recipes healthier by doing your thing in picking the ingredients and ways of cooking that can help you to achieve your goal.

Mexican cooking is a great alternative since they use spices that might be new to your palate and this will help to give you something different and many times change is good. The Mexican diet includes many takes on the salsas. With jalapenos and other hot spices taking the forefront you must be able to ease back on some of these to keep the kids interested. Not many young children are big fans of spicy food and many Mexican dishes depend on their spices to keep the meal authentic. Enchiladas are another take on tacos, burritos and other food mad with tortilla-based wraps. They are a great way to get protein in your diet since many of these recipes call for beans and meat both great ways to get you protein. This recipe from the kitchen of Mel includes chicken as the meat but if you would like you can double up on the veggies included and exclude the meat.

Keeping your family happy with your choice of recipes is the hardest thing when deciding on what to make. Anytime you can serve your kids a meal that they can eat with their hands is a great chance to get them to eat and be happy with the meal choice you made. If you can get them involved then you are farther ahead. Thanks to Mel of Mel’s Kitchen Blog for this yummy Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas Recipe and bon apetit.

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