Creamy Italian Parmesan Subs

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Creamy Italian Parmesan Subs are a recipe with a sauce that is so tasty. The ingredients in the subs are already so delicious sounding, but it is so often the sauce that really brings something from good to great!

Subs can be a nice alternative to the regular meals you prepare. This recipe has some good sounding deli meats such as ham, salami and pepperoni, plus a tasty provolone cheese, so you get some protein from these fillers. Of course, if you have different favorite deli meats feel free to substitute them. The sub roll will provide the carbs, and the fresh veggies that go in with the tasty sauce will give you your 'greens' for the meal. The sauce ingredients as you will discover when you read the recipe are a great combination of flavors. This Creamy Italian Parmesan Sub is going to be a filling food as well. Perhaps if you have hungry men or teenagers, you may have to make them two each.

Subs are quick to prepare. You will see that our featured home chef Brandi lines her baking sheet with aluminum foil. This is one of the techniques I use all the time in my cooking as well. Yes, the aluminum foil does cost a little money, but the clean up time is so worth it and I would far rather be socializing with my family then scrubbing the bottoms of pots and baking sheets that are covered in sauces or cheeses.

So perhaps this will be a perfect meal choice for you and your family now and again. Please visit the 'Aunt Bees Recipe's' website at the link just below to find the recipe.

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