Creamy Lemon Angel Cake Roll

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Try this Creamy Lemon Angel Cake Roll recipe and see just how yummy a cake filled with cream can taste. And this lemon angel cake roll recipe is made by starting with an angel cake. And an angel cake is a very light cake. It gets its lightness by the egg whites that are part of the recipe. The texture and the taste of the angel cake roll recipe are quite noticeable and really unique and tasty. Everyone in the family will enjoy the flavor. The egg whites can sometimes also mean that the cake has fewer calories in it and less fat than some other cakes. This is not always the case, but often the egg whites are used to provide height to the cake and so less flour (and so less calories) is in the cake. But do not make this cake in order to save calories.

This particular creamy lemon angel cake roll recipe includes sugar alternatives. Most sugar alternatives are not the best tasting, and they can take some time to become accustomed to their quite different taste and texture when you use them for baking. So if you have not used a sugar alternative before, you might want to experiment with this cake before you actually make it to serve to guests, bring to a party or so on. This recipe also calls for commercial whipped cream topping rather than using the real cream that you whip. This is also a second choice you could make, but again, be sure that you enjoy the flavor of a commercial topping before you use it instead of the real deal.

If you make this creamy lemon angel cake roll recipe using real sugar and real whipped cream, you will have a fabulous, light and very yummy cake. You can also serve small pieces since the higher calories in the sugar and whipped cream will fill people up quicker. And there is some interesting research that shows that when people think they are eating a lower fat or lower calorie food they tend to eat more of it than if they believe they are eating a regular food that is made without any calorie or fat reduced products. Try the experiment yourself and see how you react to the idea of a low fat and low calorie dessert, whether you make cookies, cake or another sweet treat. Do you want to eat more of it than you might have if the treat did not have fat reduced ingredients? It could be fun to see how your friends react to this little experiment, too. Remember, all calories add up, even the ones with lower fat! Enjoy this dish soon!

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