Creamy Parmesan Chicken Noodles

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Are you wanting a new fresh or healthier alternative to wheat pasta but still want all of the hearty meat and savoury sauce? Here is an awesome recipe for Creamy Sundried Tomato and Parmesan Chicken Zoodles! No, not the Zoodles you would find by the Chef Boyardee canned pasta that you might remember eating as a kid, we are talking about Zucchini noodles here people! Yes, noodles made out of zucchini! For real! They are actually really good, and a great way to eat something that is pasta - like, if you don't want to eat grains. Perfect for Paleo type diets, or raw vegan diets, or just for fun!

The zoodles are made in this case, with a zoodle maker. You basically just put in the zucchini and the contraption pushes it out as long skinny spaghetti like noodles! How awesome is that?! You can also use spaghetti squash (how appropriate, right?), or other types of squash that would form good noodles. The other way you can make some zoodles, the way I do it without a fancy contraption, although I would like to get one at some point, is to use your veggie peeler, and just keep peeling nice thin ribbons of zucchini 'pasta'. You can leave them as is, which works great for lasagnas, or you can cut them into smaller strips with a knife.

Zucchini makes excellent noodles! And this sauce looks like it would be absolutely amazing with it, and the chicken... it really looks amazing! This would be a nice lighter summer meal, you could maybe even sun dry your own garden tomatoes and fresh garden basil! It would be such a great meal! Try it out on your family and see what they say, especially the kids! They may not even know that they are eating zucchini! Head over to 'Cafe Delites' by following the link in the section below for more!

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