Creamy Rich Lemon Truffles

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Truffles scream decadent dessert and these lemon truffles are one example of them. They are made using the very best blend of ingredients including unsalted butter. Be sure to use the unsalted butter. It makes a surprising difference to the taste of recipes such as this one, where you want the lemon and cream flavors to be pronounced.

Truffles are easy enough to make, but many of us choose to make them only for holiday celebrations. Perhaps that is because they are such decadent little edibles. Maybe, though, we can broaden our definition of holiday so that these lovely treats can be served more often. They are so easy to make given just how fabulous they taste. And they could make a wonderful gift to bring to a house warming, baby shower, anniversary party, or any other special gathering. And because you eat only one or two, a single recipe can go a long way, making this dish an economical one.

Why not make a splash for your next gathering of friends and family and make some lemon truffles? It will definitely be a surprise and really appreciated. It is such an easy dish that little helpers can even be brought in on the surprise treat. Of course you may find that some of the ingredients, like the white chocolate, may not go as far as you expect, so buy extra in case a few bites from little helpers here and there help make that ingredient disappear rather quickly. With help, little hands can even shape the truffles, and certainly they can have a lot of fun rolling the treats in to the sugars that coat the final truffle. Everyone will appreciate it if you make these treats as an unexpected dessert. Why not make them today?

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