Creamy Sun Dried Tomato And Spinach Pasta

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Pasta is a comfort food, no doubt about it. And this creamy sun-dried tomato and spinach pasta will not only provide you with excellent nutrition, but meet that need for filling and delicious food in your tummy.

This recipe uses sun dried tomatoes, which are, literally, tomatoes that have been dried. The drying concentrates the tomato flavor. Often, these tomatoes, like many dried foods (dried mushrooms are one example) have to be softened or reconstituted using a liquid before they can be used in a recipe. Soaking vegetables that have been dried makes them easier to cut, chop, and chew. So don’t forget to do this step whenever you are using a dried ingredient in your meal.

This recipe looks very pretty, combining red tomatoes, green spinach, either plain or whole wheat (or any other kind you like) pasta. It rounds the recipe off with a combination of dairy products that means this dish is also rich in calcium and magnesium. You can feel really good about preparing this dish for your family because of the nutritious combination of spinach, tomato and dairy products.

This dish requires a bit of set up time, and it is good to have all the ingredients together and set out before you start making it. The recipe goes quickly, and you don’t want to be rummaging in the fridge in order to measure out the spinach. Like many recipes of this nature, it is forgiving, and quantities can be increased or decreased to taste.

The anti-oxidants in this dish are practically mind-boggling between the spinach and the tomatoes. Both are excellent sources of anti-oxidants, with tomatoes having a slight edge over spinach. Not that it matters. Spinach is one of the healthiest greens you could eat, especially if it is organic and fresh. It is also easy to grow in a cool garden area.

Try out this dish tonight. It is fairly quick to make and easy and its blend of flavors is fantastic.

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