Crispy Cracker Chicken

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This crispy cracker chicken food idea is a tasty recipe any night of the week. And what makes this easy chicken breast recipe amazing, is the creamy chicken soup mixture you spoon over the top to give it that burst of flavor. And the best part about this chicken food idea is that it’s so versatile. You can choose any flavor of Ritz Cracker you like, you might choose the roasted vegetable flavor, or whatever ou have on hand. And this easy chicken breast recipe can be served with a noodle side dish and some broccoli on the side if you'd like. This cheesy chicken food idea is covered with crispy, baked Ritz Crackers and then topped with a creamy, flavorful sauce. For this easy chicken breast recipe, you will need chicken breasts, Ritz crackers, milk, egg, cheddar cheese, salt, and garlic pepper. For the creamy sauce recipe, you will need a can of cream of chicken soup, milk, sour cream and butter. There are no fancy ingredients in this easy to make food idea that everyone is sure to love.

When it comes to the meat you buys these days there are all sorts of labels that you will come across. Organic is one of the most popular labels you seem to see these days. To be labeled as organic, product, and its producer, the farm where the ingredients come from must meet a list of USDA’s organic standards and must be certified by a USDA- approved food-certifying agency. Organic foods and products cannot be grown using synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, chemicals, cannot be genetically modified, and cannot be irradiated. Organic meat and organic poultry must be fed only organically-grown feed with no animal by-products and cannot be treated with any hormones or antibiotics. Furthermore, the animals that are raised organically they must have access to the outdoors, and ruminants which are animals that have multi-chambered stomachs that chew their cud must have access to pasture, but don’t actually have to go outdoors and graze on pasture to be considered organic.

Free Range or free-roaming labels mean that the animal that is raised as free range or free roaming had some access to the outdoors every day. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the animal being raised spent any time outdoors. As long as a door to the outdoors is left open for a period, the animal can be considered to be Free Range. Although the USDA has used this term for chicken raised for consumption, no standards have been set for chickens that lay egg or for other animals. If you want to buy eggs, meat or poultry that was raised outdoors, you want to look for a label that says Pastured or Pasture- raised, or you can ask your local farmer. Grain fed. Industrial animal farms typically rely on corn and soy as their cheap source of protein-rich feed. However, ruminants such as cows who have stomachs that evolved to digest grasses and other forage. As a result, when these animals are fed a grain-heavy diet, they often have digestive problems, poor liver health, and, in some extreme cases, their diet can kill them. If you want the meat or poultry you buy to be raised with a sustainable diet; you want to look for Pastured or Grass-fed.

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