Crispy Oven Fries

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A crispy oven fries recipe is the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal you might be making for supper tonight or any night of the week. As well, a crispy oven fries recipe goes well just as a snack that you make on their own. That is the power and attraction of potatoes. Their versatility is quite astonishing. Potatoes can go a long way, dressed in a lot of ways, to help you serve a great dinner, lunch, or even breakfast or snack food. So learn how to prepare potatoes and enjoy them often.

Potatoes are an incredible food, versatile and able to be served just about any time and any where. They are hearty, filling, and even heart warming. They are grown around the world, and available in pretty much every single country and culture. There are many different varieties, although they all share the same characteristics. Potatoes are good for you, especially if you leave the skins on them (and then eat them) when you cook them for you and your family. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Potatoes have more potassium than even bananas or spinach, which might surprise some people. Potatoes also hold a surprising amount of vitamin C. They are a great source of starch, a food some people think we do not need, but which is a great source of nutrition for all of us. They are low in calories, and run about 110 calories for an average size potato. They contain zero sodium, no cholesterol and absolutely zero fat. So unless you pile on the cheese and sour cream or butter, potatoes are a low fat, no sodium, low calorie, good to the last skin covered bite vegetable that you should put on your dinner table often.

These crispy oven fries are a great way to let the kids eat fries without the frying part of it involved. Ovens have become so efficient that we can now crisp food so that it seems as though it has been deep fried but without all the fat that can be found in that process. Serve fries with any meal. They work wonderfully well with meat, chicken or fish, or just about anything in-between. Crispy oven fries are also great on their own, as a snack, whether you have them in the afternoon, mid morning, or even late at night when you feel a bit peckish. They also taste great whether served plain or with various garnishes. You can add something simple like mayonnaise or be more elaborate and pile on the cheese, onions and salsa. Any way you make them, they taste great. So try these fries and enjoy them soon.

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