Crispy Shredded Hash Browns

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Have you ever wondered how to make the Crispy Shredded Hash Browns? Just like how they make them in the restaurant? Usually when we make hash browns at home, they end up all soggy and not crispy at all. And if they are crispy, they usually end up getting burned or having a slight burnt taste to them which no body likes at all. I think everyone loves hash browns, even vegans and vegetarians love them. They are a great thing to pair with any savoury breakfast food, whether it be bacon and eggs, or as a part of a hash omelette, or even on the side with eggs Benedict. But they seem to be one of the more time consuming things to make yourself at home, so instead, people just order them when they go out for breakfast.

There are so many different ways to make hash browns too. Some people and some restaurants make them diced up or sliced into rounds and fried, and some julienne them, which I think is way too time consuming. Then there are those little packaged ones that are in a square shape or some other shape, all pressed together in to one little form and then deep-fried to perfect crispiness. But then there are the perfectly shredded ones like the ones in this recipe. These are the perfectly crispy hash browns that are golden on all sides. These would definitely have to be my personal favourite too.

Now we can learn how to make them perfectly right in the comfort of our own kitchens! This recipe for Crispy Shredded Hash Browns has some awesome information in it, from which potato is best to use for these hash browns, to how to get them the crispiest! If you want to make some restaurant quality hash browns, then check out this recipe! Head over to 'Serious Eats' by following the link in the section below for more!

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