Crock Pot Apple Cobbler

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The web site that hosts this recipe, Chin Deep, says their recipes are “simple pleasures for every day” but this dessert for Crock Pot Apple Cobbler with Salted Caramel is really over the top. Try it soon because it will become a regular one on your dinner menu. This dessert is perfect for a home treat or when friends and special guests are coming to dinner. This dish needs to be made in two steps. The first step is to make the salted caramel in the crock pot, and the second step is to make the dessert.

The salted caramel is easy to make when you begin with condensed sweetened milk, and the results will be fabulous. Be sure to use a good quality salt, such as Maldon or another good variety such as Fleur de Sel. The salt is a critical addition to this sauce and the usual table salt really will not work well. The second part of this recipe is to prepare the apple cobbler. This part is so easy the kids could make it. The cake is made from a box mix, which almost always guarantees good results as long as you follow the directions (which are easy). The cake uses apple pie filling so you do not even need to peel or chop apples. You might consider chopping up some real apples to add to the mix for improved flavor, but this could be a risky move, since the fresh apples might not bake fully, even given the three hours baking time. You can decide.

This is a lovely and quick recipe that uses some commercial ingredients as well as a crock pot to get its results. It is easy to make and serves up with a lovely salted caramel sauce that is a wonderful surprise taste. Serve it warm with ice cream.

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