Crock Pot Buffalo-Ranch Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

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If you love spiced shredded chicken, then you’re gonna love this super easy recipe! It’s Crock Pot Buffalo-Ranch Shredded Chicken Sandwiches and we found it over at the Sweet Little Bluebird website.

This simple recipe only has three ingredients plus the buns you’ll spread the chicken on, so there’s really not a lot to buy at the grocery store! And, once you’ve gathered the ingredients together, all you’ve got to do is stick them in the crock pot, turn it on, and off you go. When you come back, it’ll all be cooked to perfection!

Speaking of crock pots, let’s take a sec to check out the history of this fabulous kitchen tool that seems to create miracles on a daily basis. Do you know the story of how the crock pot came to be? Well, in 1940, inventor Irving Naxon received his patent for the “Naxon Beanery”, the basic prototype for the slow-cooking crock pot that we’re so familiar with today.

Naxon had grown up hearing his mom’s tales of a bean stew called “cholent” that she used to make when she lived in Lithuania. This stew’s cooking instructions were dictated by the rules of the Jewish holy day, the Sabbath. During this day, which ran from sunset on Friday to sundown on Saturday, no one was permitted to work. The cholent was put in the oven just before sunset on Friday and the oven would then be turned off for the next 24 hours. The stew would continue to cook as it took a long time for the oven to cool down completely. Magically, the cholent would be ready to eat at sunset the next evening, just as the Sabbath ended! Naxon was so impressed by his mother’s stories, he created something that would have the same effect but could cook even more efficiently, at any time. That’s how the Naxon Beanery got started, and that is where the crock pot originated!

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