Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken Bacon and Tater Tot Bake

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Enjoy this Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken Bacon and Tater Tot Bake recipe when you and the kids need some comfort food for dinner. This Crock Pot Cheesy Chicken Bacon and Tater Tot Bake recipe is a great series of layers that include chicken, bacon, tater tots and plenty of cheese in between each one. This chicken and cheese recipe is so easy that the kids can put it together for you. And that is not such a bad idea. Letting the kids make the meal can teach them some important things about preparing their own meals and being independent. They can also start to learn their way around the kitchen, and get the basics on how to work a crock pot.

A crock pot is one of the best tools you can have in your kitchen. It is a great way to cook, and it is almost impossible to not get the dish right. A crock pot is practically fool proof. The gadget was invented after the practice of Jewish housewives who put their food for the Sabbath in to the cooling ovens that were turned off for the traditional day of rest. The food cooked in covered pots in the dying fire embers all through the night. The next day the food was ready, and juicy and delicious. The crock pot is modeled after that practice. The lid keeps the juices intact and the low heat requires that the food, whether it is meat, chicken, fish or something else, cook for many hours. That combination of a long time cooking in a covered pot and cooking over a very low heat results in terrific results that turn out virtually every single time. So get your kids to try it with this recipe for tater tots, chicken and cheese. It will be delicious.

This recipe offers some great ingredients such as chicken that brings protein to the dish, potatoes that offer various vitamins and minerals, as well as cheese. Cheese has more protein and minerals like calcium and magnesium. So this dish has some great things in it for the kids to eat. This dish might taste great coupled with some good steamed greens such as Swiss Chard, spinach, or even kale. Take your pick and make any one of them to go with this dish. Or, try asparagus, which will also taste good with this chicken, cheese and tater tot recipe. It is easy to make and will offer great comfort on a night when you and kids need something that is just yummy for your tummy. Let the kids help you make it or have them do the whole thing themselves while you steam greens to accompany dinner.

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