Crock Pot Cheesy Potatoes

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Crock Pot Cheesy Potatoes is an easy and quick dish that tastes great with just about anything else in the house. It goes well with meat, chicken, fish and can serve up with carrots, greens, mixed veggies or whatever you happen to have in the house at dinner time. This is an interesting dish that blends a few ingredients to create a cheesy and onion-y taste that is really good. Using the crock-pot allows the whole thing to go quickly and in only one pot, which is great.

Potatoes are sometimes thought of as a lowly food, and are perhaps one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy at your local grocery store, but don’t overlook its fantastic nutrition as well as its capacity to work well with just about any other food you happen to be serving. It can be consumed entirely, in fact, you should try and eat the skin for its fiber, and is a terrific snack food whether served hot, at room temperature, or even chilled. Don’t overlook this vegetable.

Potatoes are packed with more potassium than bananas and they have large amounts of Vitamin C, among other nutrients. They are a good source of fiber if you eat the skin—and you should and you can—as well as vitamins B6, an important nutrient. In addition, potatoes contain compounds that can lower blood pressure. So eat your potatoes. Plenty of people do. It is the most widely produced crop in the world, and you can buy it as a fairly fresh produce almost any time of the year. Its somewhat bland flavor means that it goes well with plenty of other foods, and its filling quality means that a little goes a long way. Why not try some with dinner tonight? Everyone will enjoy this recipe.

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