Crock Pot Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownies

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Thank you to Stephanie at the “Back For Seconds” recipe blog for sharing with us how to cook brownies in a crock pot. Chocolate and peanut butter are argued as being the best flavor duo, power couple out there. Their flavor profiles bring out the best in one another. Take a delicious peanut butter cookie, for instance, add some chocolate chips into the mix, and now it’s a whole other ballgame. Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie recipes are plentiful. Not many combinations can combat the sweet and salty partners. But enough about cookies, we’re here to talk about how to make this crock pot brownie recipe. For those of you that are baking brownies in the oven only, this is a crock pot chocolate desserts choice that you can try and see how baking brownies texture and flavors compare to that of the crock pot brownie recipe.

Let’s speak of the recipe developer for a moment. There is much to be said about this recipe blog. Not only does each recipe have a handy printable version at the bottom, and the site offers a wide variety of categories which are easy to navigate, but the amount of bar recipes, cake recipes, candy recipes and cookie recipes are unbelievable! Stephanie is even the author of the book “Brownies Blondies and Bars” and anyone who has dedicated an entire book to these sweet seductions must make a darn good brownie.

One helpful hint that is offered right from the start is to remove the lid off of the crockpot thirty minutes before it is done cooking to prevent sogginess. This crock pot brownie recipe makes your average dozen and will prep in only five minutes. Convenient if you have a busy schedule, are watching the kids or trying to get your weekend chores finished because you are then able to leave cook for its recommended two and a half hours. Substitution options for this crock pot brownie recipe could include using a gluten free cup for cup flour if you have a gluten allergy. If you are not one for overly sweet desserts or would like a healthier option, try using all natural peanut butter. A less refined option would be to reduce the sugar, but be careful as the brownie can dry out. To prevent this remove one egg white for every 1/2 cup of sugar you remove (egg whites tend to dry out baked goods) and add one extra egg yolk. You can play with it until you get the best consistency. Another way to add natural sweetness to this brownie recipe is to use pureed fruit. Whether you use dried fruit like dates, cherries or prunes (you might want to omit the PB with that one) or a nice banana puree, again it adds some more options for you to get creative.

Once you have mastered and devoured this crock pot brownie recipe, and are navigating for more tasty options, you can check out Stephanies other creative talents, making jewelry. There is a link to her “Pearls and Petals” retail store in her about me section. Of all the meals you have made over the years, from soup recipes to stew recipes and even full roast recipes for the whole family, now you can say you know how to make brownies in the crockpot and can add one more check to your baking bucket list. You can now suggest to your friends that if they have only tried the traditional method of how to bake brownies the crock pot brownies are an option. This small appliance could even be packed for a camping appliance where power is available, and you could perhaps even make smore brownies. This could be a whole new opening to a world of crock pot chocolate desserts. *

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