Crock Pot Pork and Sauerkraut

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This is a great recipe that layers some super flavors that work really well against pork in this Crock Pot Pork and Sauerkraut Recipe. Apple is a well known flavor against pork. Apple sauce is often served with pork roast, and the slightly tangy flavor of the apple sauce is perfect with the sweet over tones of pork. Here the apple is used again, in concert with sauerkraut and brown sugar as well as vinegar. This pot pourri of sweet apple and sharp and sour flavors of vinegar and sauerkraut mellow each other out as they sit and cook for several hours in the crock pot. This process is one of the best things about the crock pot and cooking with it. Foods can comingle for hours at a low temperature, and as they do, they each mellow and influence, as well as deepen each other’s flavors. The result? A wonderfully rich and tangy sauce that complements the sweet pork beautifully. And that is just what happens with this dish.

This is a great way to prepare pork. Well, really, it is a great way to prepare any meat, chicken or fish really, especially when you want it sweet and tender and rich. Anything prepared using a crock pot is almost always a great success. This dish would be great served with rice, especially a basmati white rice that could pick up the sweet and sour flavors really well. Greens would also work with this recipe, so choose your favorites to make. Together, the rice, greens, and pork make a nicely rounded meal that is quick and easy and affordable to make.

Try this recipe whenever you are in the mood for pork. Most of the ingredients are just open and dump in to the crock pot, yet another reason to love this method of cooking. Even with just approximations on the ingredients, this dish will be a great success. So try it when you are in the mood for this terrific meat and sauerkraut recipe.

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